When To Call a Repairman?

Hey guys - I know calling a repairman isn't something that's on the top of your favorite things to do, so here's an article about common issues and what to check if your appliances break down.  If you can narrow down the problem there's a chance you can fix it yourself! But if you feel uncertain or it seems dangrous, like dealing with electricity, please call a professional!


Have you already tried enough and weren’t able to fix your defective appliance? Or, are you just too busy to handle the repairing job? If you face such problems, then it’s probably the right time to call a repairman.

Sometimes detecting certain hassle free and minor issues, that do not need any sort of technical and practical expertise can fix your appliance and save your hard earned money. Before you give a call to the repairman, it’s highly advisable that you perform some of these simple checklists and try if the appliance could be fixed. However, we highly recommend that you follow all safety measures before handling broken appliances.

Here is a checklist for the most common household appliances that experience frequent breakdowns:
1. Air Conditioners
- Check the filters
- Check the drainage tubes for any kind of obstructions
- Clean your air conditioners

2. Refrigerators
- Check whether the cooling settings are set right
- Whether the counter condensation mechanism is affected
- Check whether the door is closing properly
- Check whether the fridge is making noises

3. Washing machines
- Check the incoming and outgoing water and power supply
- Check whether the drain line or water pump is clogged with dirt or coins

4. Dishwasher
- Check for the incoming and outgoing water and power supply
- Check whether the spray arms are clogged due to deposition of debris
- Check whether there is enough soap in the soap cup
- Clean the dishwasher to get rid of any calcium deposition

5. Microwave repair
- Inspect the power supply for any signs of short circuit or fuse.
- Clean the microwave oven

If all such potential corrective measures aren’t sufficient enough to solve your problem, it’s probably the right time to give a call to your nearest repairman.